EIS funds are managed investment vehicles that raise capital from individuals and institutions, for the purpose of investing in a selection of EIS-eligible ventures. EIS stands for Enterprise Investment Scheme — an HMRC-run scheme which could offer eligible investors significant tax relief on their investment.

To ensure that this is the right type of investment for you, please view our guide to EIS funds to learn more.

Use the table below to compare a selection of EIS funds that are currently open for investment.

Compare open EIS funds

Fund Name Minimum Subscription Sector Focus Target Portofolio Size Stage Focus
Access EIS £5,000 Sector Agnostic 50 or more companies Early-stage
Blackfinch Ventures EIS Portfolios £10,000 Technology 10 or more companies Early-stage
Calculus EIS £50,000 Sector Agnostic 6 - 10 companies Growth-stage
Deepbridge Life Sciences EIS £10,000 Biotech, Medtech, and Pharma 8 companies Early-stage
Deepbridge Technology Growth EIS £10,000 Technology 6 companies Growth-stage
Downing Ventures EIS £15,000 Technology 10 - 15 companies Early-stage
Draper Esprit EIS £25,000 Sector Agnostic 8 - 12 companies Early-stage
Force Over Mass SEIS EIS Fund £25,000 Technology 15 - 20 companies Early-stage
Foresight Williams Technology EIS Fund £20,000 Technology 10 companies Early-stage
Fuel Ventures EIS Fund £10,000 Sector Agnostic 5 - 6 companies Early-stage
Guinness AIM EIS £20,000 Sector Agnostic 10 or more companies AIM-listed companies
Guinness EIS £20,000 Sector Agnostic 6 or more companies Early-stage
MMC Ventures EIS Fund £25,000 Technology 10 companies Early-stage & Growth-stage
Mercia EIS Fund £25,000 Technology 15 companies Early-stage
o2h therapeutics EIS Fund £25,000 Biotech, Medtech, and Pharma 5 - 10 companies Early-stage
Par Syndicate EIS Fund £20,000 Technology 6 - 8 companies Early-stage
Parkwalk Opportunities EIS Fund £25,000 Technology 5 or more companies Early-stage
Seneca EIS Portfolio Service £25,000 Technology 5 or more companies Early-stage
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