EIS funds are managed investment vehicles that raise cash from individuals and institutions for the purpose of investing in a selection of EIS-eligible ventures. EIS stands for Enterprise Investment Scheme, an HMRC-run scheme that can offer impressive tax reliefs for those who invest in an EIS fund.

You can compare and contrast a small selection of open EIS funds in the UK below. To ensure that this is the right type of investment for you, please view our EIS funds page for more information.

Fund name Minimum investment Sectors investing in Number of investments Targeted returns
Access EIS £5,000 Sector agnostic Minimum of 50 £1.70 for every £1 invest (moderate scenario)
Fund Twenty8 £10,000 Sector agnostic Minimum of 28 IRR of 20%
Growth Fund £10,000 Sector agnostic (portfolio companies) Minimum of 6 IRR of 20%
Symvan Capital £20,000 Technology 4–6 £1.60 for every £1 invested
o2h £25,000 Biotech, AI & enabling technologies 5–12
Guinness Asset Management £20,000 Leisure and services 3–6 £1.25 for every £1 invested
Calculus Capital £50,000 Biotechnology, telecommunications, leisure, ecommerce 8–10 IRR of 20%+
Par Equity £20,000 Technology 6–8 IRR of 15%+
Seneca £25,000 Managed storage facilities at least 4
Oxford Capital Growth EIS Fund £25,000 Ecommerce, fintech, AI, digital health 12–15
Deepbridge Growth EIS Fund £10,000 Energy and resource innovation, medical technology, IT technologies 22.9% p.a. over a minimum of 3 years
Jenson £10,000 Entrepreneurial early-stage companies at least 5 if EIS only (15 total in 2017) 13% over 5 years
Mercia Growth Fund £25,000 Technology 15 13% over 5 years