Calculus Capital was founded in 1999 by John Glencross and Susan McDonald and set up its first EIS fund in the same year, meaning it now boasts over 17 years’ experience in sourcing EIS investment opportunities.

Calculus Capital EIS Fund

The Calculus Capital EIS fund is now open for investment. There are two still open, with closing dates of 28th April 2017 and 30th June 2017. The idea behind the fund is to source between 8-10 investment opportunities to build a diversified EIS eligible portfolio. Whilst the number of investments is important for creating the diversified portfolio, the Calculus Capital EIS fund is also sector agnostic, resulting in a portfolio of investments in a variety of different business sectors. For example, recent investments include a salad bar chain, biotechnology experts and a sports development company.

The target

As a rule, the fund targets established companies and is currently looking at adding further companies in biotechnology, manufacturing and applied technology. The fund targets an IRR of 20%, aims to raise a total of £20m and has a minimum investment ticket of £50,000.

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