o2h Therapeutic EIS Fund

Large pharmaceutical companies have been closing down research centres globally for the last decade. This shift in focus of the large pharmaceutical companies has moved them from developing innovation in-house to acquiring innovation externally, driving up prices for the best science and providing earlier exit opportunities.

The team at o2h has access to the most exciting scientific ideas through its live working relationships fostered over many years working as a discovery services company. This gives o2h far earlier access than competitors to promising companies.

As early-stage companies often need more than just money, o2h Ventures has built a unique integrated model for early-stage companies, which includes the possibility of offering companies incubation in its o2h SciTech Park in Cambridge, UK, and/or the option to jump-start their research activity from o2h Discovery in Ahmedabad, India.

The fund is structured to be S/EIS compliant providing generous income, inheritance and capital gains tax breaks for UK tax payers.

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