Par Equity is a venture capital firm which focuses on investments into smaller and medium sized companies with a strong management team. Their belief is that when you are investing in a company, you are really investing in the management team whose ‘grit and determination makes the world of difference’. The company boasts a highly experienced investment management team.

Par Syndicate EIS Fund 1

This evergreen fund, first launched in 2012, aims to create a relatively small diversified EIS eligible portfolio with investments into 6-8 companies. There is a particular focus on innovative technology based companies that already generate revenues. The fund looks to invest in companies alongside other experienced investors such as business angels, family offices and the Scottish Investment Bank.

Par Syndicate EIS Fund has a target of 15% IRR and the minimum investment is £20,000. As a general rule, the fund closes towards the end of the financial year, or when a specific investment target level has been reached. As with any early-stage investment, Par Equity warns that returns may be varied and while there may be success stories, any company that fails, is perhaps likely to do so completely.

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