Symvan boasts an asset-management arm and a security arm which provides corportate financial advisory services. Focusing in particular on exit and returns, Symvan invests into small enterprises with high growth potential.

They are less focused on the number of investments a fund undertakes, but instead look to spend more time with the management teams of the investee companies. Symvan actively seeks small business requiring follow-on funding and offers support to investee companies once they have received the funds.

Symvan Technology EIS Fund

Launched in 2016, this particular fund focuses attention on investing in more established companies who are looking to exit in the next five years, likely through trade sale. Whilst the number of investments may not be huge – it targets four to six investments in total – the fund invests into a diversified range of high-growth sectors in technology.

As mentioned above, Symvan looks to offer financial and operational support to the investee companies, with the theory that their expertise and experience will help increase the likelihood of a successful exit. The fund targets a return of £1.60 for every £1 invested, which is a result of the high risk level that comes with the investment. In terms of total investment, the fund looks to raise a total of £20m and has a minimum investment ticket of £20,000.

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