Fund Twenty8 is the first ever passive EIS fund for startup investing. Following the investment decisions of sophisticated private and professional investors, it automatically builds you a diversified portfolio of no fewer than 28 EIS-qualifying startups.

Fund portfolio and allocation is built in line with investment appetite in the round, giving greater exposure to investment opportunities that attract strong interest from investors, meet the Minimum Target Amount (MTA) and potentially go into overfunding.

The fund deploys in EIS rounds and, if pre-approved, in SEIS/EIS blends. The fund does not invest in non-EIS preference shares, convertible loan rounds or advanced subscription rounds, even if EIS is possible upon conversion.

For most intents and purposes, the fund counts as a SyndicateRoom investor (hence we charge our usual fees on capital deployed by the fund) but it will appear as an individual investor on the company’s cap table. The company will therefore end up with one legal shareholder: SyndicateRoom Nominees Ltd but on behalf of Platform Investors and on behalf of Fund Twenty8.