When a SyndicateRoom investor decides to invest in a company they can make their investment via debit card or, if the investment exceeds £5,000, via a bank transfer. When investing in public market opportunities, investors are able to use Debit Cards for investments up to and including £20,000, and bank transfers for investments over £20,000.

For debit card transactions, first-time investors must enter their card details and their billing address information. Returning investors will see some of the details of the card used for previous transactions have been stored and can proceed swiftly. All card information is stored to PCI DSS standards.

For BACs transfers, investors will be provided with the account details and a unique reference number, which they must use to transfer the money within one working day of clicking to invest.

In relation to private markets investments, once the investment has been committed, the money is held in an escrow account until the end of the round. If the round is successful, the money is transferred to the company. If the round is unsuccessful, the money is returned to the investors’ accounts.