In March 2016 SyndicateRoom became the only alternative finance company to provide its members with direct access to both public and private equity markets, helping investors diversify their exposure to different asset classes through a single platform. As a result, SyndicateRoom members are now able to participate across the entire funding journey of growth businesses, from idea to IPO.

Public Markets

The launch of SyndicateRoom’s public equity capability means individual investors are be placed in the same position as professionals, with the ability to participate in the IPO market and the opportunity to benefit from the same discounts for new equity issues. SyndicateRoom members have access to high-growth IPOs, pre-IPOs and discounted Placings.

Discounted Placings are typically only offered to institutional investors. Over the past two years, over £16.5bn was raised on the London Stock Exchange via Placings and IPOs, with an average 10% discount given. That means £1.65 billion of value has been given to the traditional City of London investment community.

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Equity crowdfunding – Private Markets

SyndicateRoom members are able to invest in unquoted companies in exchange for equity alongside active Business Angels. This means that for each deal there is always at least one active Business Angel investing their own capital into the company. For each deal it is completely up to you whether you invest and how much you invest (minimum investments apply) but you always know that the valuation of the business has been the result of negotiations between an active Business Angel (or sometimes a Business Angel Network or other cornerstone investor) and the entrepreneurs, resulting in a much fairer and more attractive valuation for smart investors.

Please note that the lead investor will not be responsible for your investment in any way. The lead investor’s interests are aligned with yours, and so is their risk and exposure.

The investment deals available to our members vary from seed investment into companies that have not yet stated trading, to well-established companies that are unable or unwilling to secure lending from a bank to finance their growth.

We present investment deals in a variety of sectors. You can analyse the details of each deal, carry out your own due diligence, communicate with the respective entrepreneurs and/or with other investors, and then make a decision about whether or not to invest.

Decide whether to invest and how much. We will take care of the rest.

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