SyndicateRoom’s network is exclusively comprised of self-certified high net worth and sophisticated investors, who make their own investment decisions on a deal by deal basis, subject to a £1,000 minimum investment per deal. Successful companies will typically attract 30-60 investors, with investments ranging from £1,000 to upwards of £150,000.

We operate a nominee structure in order to ease administrative and communication burdens for you the company, and ensure a streamlined experience for SyndicateRoom investors.

This means that the company will only have one legal shareholder to represent all platform investments (SyndicateRoom Nominees Ltd), limiting work around preparing share certificates and ongoing reporting. Any investment by Fund Twenty8 is transacted separately and treated as an independent investment.

The Nominee will take care of all communications surrounding the closure of SyndicateRoom investment monies and (S)EIS documentation for the SyndicateRoom investors (the underlying, beneficial shareholders).

We’ll also handle all ongoing actions between the company and SyndicateRoom investors regarding, for example, pre-emption raises and shareholder voting, for the life of an investor’s investment.