Our success rate stands at ca. 70%. In other words, of all the raises that have been listed on our platform, about 70% were successful in reaching their funding target.

While the amount that our investors contribute to any given funding round will vary from deal to deal, since they invest on a discretionary basis, in the tax year 2017/18 SyndicateRoom (including FundTwenty8) normally contributed between ca. £200,000 and £700,000 into successful opportunities. To date, our single largest contribution to one round was about £1.2m."

As our EIS fund – FundTwenty8 – deploys into deals listed on our platform, eligible companies can expect capital from this source in addition to that provided by individual investors. The exact amount deployed by the fund will depend on the amount committed by platform investors - click here for further details on FundTwenty8.