SyndicateRoom members vary from very experienced Business Angels (including some of the 10 Business Angels all entrepreneurs should know) to other sophisticated investors and HNWIs (high-net-worth individuals) such as lawyers, accountants and other professionals. Our members include:

  • Angel investors looking to diversify their portfolio

  • Investors looking for a simple way to build a smart EIS portfolio through Fund Twenty8

  • High-earners looking to have more personal choice over their investments than is possible when investing through a fund (avoiding the fees associated with funds at the same time)

  • Private investors that have invested in startups before, and want to carry on investing without the legal hassle, or without having to get deeply involved with each business, whilst retaining the peace of mind that having an active Business Angel involved in the companies they are investing in brings

  • Investors looking to add public market investments in later-stage companies to their portfolio

  • Professionals looking to take full advantage of the EIS and SEIS tax relief schemes