• Access: Your business is exposed to our network of high-net-worth and sophisticated investors
  • Smart money: Our experienced and engaged investors can offer more than just capital
  • Diversity: It’s not just tech and B2C. Our investors look far beyond the normal Crowdfunding limits, helping us lead in areas such as life sciences and engineering
  • Less negotiation: We don’t impose new legal documents on your round, but we do ensure that SyndicateRoom investors will receive the same price per share and share class as an identifiable lead investor already committed to the round, and that certain core investor protections are in place
  • Less admin: Our nominee structure means that you manage just one legal shareholder
  • Investment size: Each investor contributes a minimum of £1,000 to upwards of £150,000
  • Efficiency: Raising funds typically takes weeks, not months
  • Closure rate: Over 80% of companies that list on SyndicateRoom raise the funds they need
  • Transparency: Flat fee on the funds raised through our platform, plus a one-off legal and compliance fee. We do not take a cut of equity

All our deals must have lead investment and a lead investor.

To request a brochure or more information please email [email protected]