It depends. You may get allocated the full amount of shares that you apply for. However, it is possible that retail demand outstrips the number of shares reserved for retail investors.  Should this be the case, each retail investor will be allocated shares pro rata on the same terms, and you will be allocated shares also on that basis.

At the point that the shares are allocated, the cash will be taken out of your Selftrade account and replaced with shares. Following this, you will see one of the following in your Selftrade account:

(a) Full allocation

If you are allocated the full amount of your application, you will see only shares in your account.

(b) Partial allocation

If you are allocated a portion of the shares that you applied for, you will see a mixture of cash and shares.

(c) No allocation

In the unlikely event that the IPO is cancelled during the offer period or there is no allocation applied to retail investors, you will only see cash in your account.