SyndicateRoom makes it easy for investors to access the deal flow of investment professionals and back high-growth companies alongside them. In the past four years, our award-winning investment platform has helped invest over £215m into 170+ businesses.

Since 2015, SyndicateRoom has also offered investors a selection of highly-complementary EIS investment funds. Having raised £12.5m across multiple fund raises, our funds have deployed capital into 100+ early-stage investment opportunities to date.

Access EIS

Automatically invest with the super angels – the UK’s best-performing angel investors

Access EIS tracks performance data of over 1,000 active startup investors. It then selects and co-invests with some of the best-performing “super angels” with the aim of replicating their collective success.

Access EIS aims to diversify your investment across at least 50 super-angel-backed startups to minimise risk and capture as many potential “blockbusters” as possible.

Eligible investors could benefit from generous EIS tax relief on their investment into Access EIS. SR’s dashboard aims to make light work of EIS paperwork with easily downloadable summaries that can simply be attached to your HMRC self assessment tax return.

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Fund Twenty8

Automatic early-stage diversification

Fund Twenty8 is no longer accepting new investments

Fund Twenty8 is the first and only fund to invest passively in EIS opportunities and provide a totally new choice for investors. The fund’s strategy is to use its algorithm to automatically build you a diversified portfolio of at least 28 EIS-eligible early-stage investments, across a broad range of sectors, targeting a return of over 20% IRR including EIS tax relief.

By only backing companies that successfully reach their funding target on SyndicateRoom, Fund Twenty8 takes advantage of the expertise of its investor base of Venture Capitalists, business angels and sophisticated investors.

After strong interest, Fund Twenty8-2016 raised over £4.5m from 233 investors.

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Growth Fund

Focused growth investing

Growth Fund is no longer accepting new investments

Having now funded over 110 trailblazing companies, we’re seeing a number of them raise significant series A and B investment from top tier Venture Capitalists and institutional investors.

It’s a natural progression for the best-performing businesses to go on to raise additional institutional capital, and a promising result for early SyndicateRoom investors.

However, it is frustrating that while VCs are scooping up these deals, private investors are excluded, especially those looking for later-stage, growth-focused opportunities.

SyndicateRoom’s Growth Fund will allow private investors to gain exposure to these select opportunities. Drawing on four years of established relationships, the Fund will invest growth capital into at least six of the best-performing portfolio businesses.

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