Fund Twenty8 follows the decisions of sophisticated private and professional investors to automatically build you a diversified portfolio of no fewer than 28 EIS-qualifying startups.

The fund’s strategy is based on extensive research conducted by NESTA and Intelligent Partnership, which asked the question: how many startup investments should I have?

The magic number appears to be: no fewer than 28. With this many startups in your portfolio, the study suggests a 95% chance of at least one giving you a return of 10X or more. With this in mind, the fund is targeting a return of over 20% IRR, including up to 30% EIS tax relief.

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I’ve been a member of SyndicateRoom for about a year and wanted to get exposure to early-stage equities, but was unsure how to go about diversifying my investments and which companies to choose.

I invested in Fund Twenty8 because it allows me to invest in this EIS-qualifying opportunities while spreading the risk across lots of companies.

Emma Collins

Fund Twenty8 investor

Our portfolio

While traditional EIS funds normally invest in just a few companies, covering limited sectors, Fund Twenty8 backs a minimum of 28 per fund, per year, offering truly sector-agnostic diversification.

Now in its fourth year, Fund Twenty8 has:

  • 426 investors
  • Invested a total of £8.54m
  • Diversified over 58 investments
  • Across 13 sectors

Portfolio breakdown


I’ve been investing in individual companies and have built up a sizeable portfolio, but I’d not invested in EIS funds until I discovered Fund Twenty8.

The focus on diversification makes a lot of sense to me and I think that using the personal investment decisions of numerous savvy investors to deploy capital is a very clever model.

Suraj Rajan

Fund Twenty8 investor

Investment strategy

Invest alongside lead investors

Mitigate risk by building a sector-agnostic and diversified portfolio across no fewer than 28 Qualifying Investments

Target development capital in companies that are:

  • Ideally in revenue, which can provide shorter times to exit
  • Usually pre-profit
  • Able to demonstrate strong and established management teams with proven business credentials
  • Aiming to generate an IRR of 20% or more (inc EIS)
  • EIS eligible at the time of investment and the Manager will seek to retain EIS eligibility as appropriate

For full details of the investment strategy, view Fund Twenty8’s investment page.

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