The first word in startup diversification

Fund Twenty8® is the first and only fund to invest passively in EIS opportunities and provide a totally new choice for investors. By using an algorithm, the fund automatically builds you a diversified portfolio of at least 28 EIS-eligible early-stage investments, across a broad range of sectors, targeting a return of over 20% IRR including EIS tax relief.

  • 28+ EIS-eligible investments per fund
  • Unparalleled cross-sector diversification
  • Targeted IRR of 20%+

So far the fund has raised £7.9m from 377 investors. We’re reopening Fund Twenty8® between the 11th and 25th September 2018 for two weeks to accommodate investors that missed out on March’s fundraise.

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How it works

Fund Twenty8®’s algorithm draws on data from the investment decisions of thousands of sophisticated investors to determine which companies to back and how much to invest. It does this by tracking investor appetite on SyndicateRoom and automatically investing alongside it on a proportional basis until an opportunity’s target is met.


If an investment is oversubscribed and goes into overfunding, the fund invests more, securing a larger weighting. In this way, the fund capitalises on the expertise of SyndicateRoom’s lead investors and 36,051-strong member base.

Fund Twenty8-2016 portfolio

The first Fund Twenty8® closed in 2017 and has just finished deploying.

  • 233 investors took part
  • Invested a total of £4.55m
  • Diversified over 32 investments
  • Across 10 sectors

Portfolio breakdown (PDF)

What existing investors say

Geoffrey Warren

Fund Twenty8-2016 investor

I’ve been investing through SyndicateRoom since the platform started in 2013 and I consider it one of the most reputable platforms around. I’ve built a diverse portfolio, but I find it difficult to pick companies in sectors I’m unfamiliar with.

Fund Twenty8® is terrific as it helps me invest across areas I don’t fully understand and manage that risk.

Emma Collins

Fund Twenty8-2016 investor

I’ve been a member of SyndicateRoom for about a year and wanted to get exposure to early-stage equities, but was unsure how to go about diversifying my investments and which companies to choose.

I invested in Fund Twenty8® because it allows me to invest in this EIS-qualifying opportunities while spreading the risk across lots of companies.

Suraj Rajan

Fund Twenty8-2016 investor

I’ve been investing in individual companies and have built up a sizeable portfolio, but I’d not invested in EIS funds until I discovered Fund Twenty8®.

The focus on diversification makes a lot of sense to me and I think that using the personal investment decisions of numerous savvy investors to deploy capital is a very clever model.

Why 28?

Fund Twenty8® was developed based on industry research into early-stage investment performance by NESTA and Intelligent Partnership, which shows that an early-stage portfolio should contain at least 28 investments in order to have a 95% chance of securing at least one 10x investment.

Nesta report

While similar-sized funds normally invest in just a few companies, covering limited sectors, Fund Twenty8® backs a minimum of 28 per fund, per year, offering truly sector-agnostic diversification.

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