The UK boasts a world-class early-stage investment culture; the combination of younger investors looking for an alternative and older, more experienced investors seeking out diversified returns is powering an explosion of interest in funding private businesses.

Demand for tax-efficient products like EIS is burgeoning, with the wealthiest investors already putting their money to work in these schemes – and online platforms are investors’ first port of call.

The message from investors rings out loud and clear: give us access to diverse investments and tax incentives, or we’ll look elsewhere.

Tax-efficient investing in a digital world features an analysis of UK investor trends, EIS investment case studies and a four-page EIS cheat sheet that gives you an outline of EIS tax relief, including three practical examples of EIS at work.

One of the most attractive attributes of EIS investing is its fundamentally democratic nature. EIS gives power and control to individuals to invest directly in fast-growing British companies, and the chance to share in their success. The scheme has the support of government and SyndicateRoom’s report puts together a strong case for EIS investing.

Mark Field MP

MP for Cities of London and Westminster Former and Chairman of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Venture Capital and Private Equity

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