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Access EIS is the only EIS fund that builds portfolios of the optimal size for return potential with hand-picked, high quality companies at a lower cost to the investor.

We spent over three years indexing and analysing the UK startup market and building a fund which identifies and co-invests with some of the UK's top performing angel investors.

Our approach to EIS investing builds clients large portfolios of 50 companies per year across all sectors, optimising growth potential and minimising risk.

Portfolio companies

Monitor client portfolios and download claim documents online

Our advisors are able to monitor multiple client portfolios online through our tailored investor dashboards. When it’s time to make a claim for tax relief, our one-click system lets users download an easy to use summary sheet of the details they’ll need to make their EIS claim.

Our efficient system keeps our fees competitive

Thanks to the efficiencies of our model our fees are lower than the industry average, meaning more of your clients’ funds are invested and more EIS relief can be claimed.

Tax reliefs

income tax relief

Up to 30% income tax relief.

The maximum investment that can be claimed on in a single year is £1m. This annual maximum rises to £2m if investments are made in Knowledge Intensive Companies (KICs).

no capital gains tax

0% tax on EIS gains.

If EIS shares are sold at a profit, any gain made on that investment is tax free.

loss relief

Capital gains deferral.

Any gain you make through selling other assets can be reinvested in EIS, and deferred for as long as the investment is held.

defer capital gains tax

Inheritance tax relief.

EIS shares are exempt from inheritance tax, as they qualify for Business Property Relief (BPR), but shares must have been held for two years prior to death.

inheritance tax relief

Loss relief.

Loss relief allows investors to offset a loss on an EIS investment against their income tax or capital gains tax bill.

4 simple steps to invest

step 1


Create and manage accounts on behalf of your clients.

step 2


Initiate investments for your clients using our simple online form and approval process.

step 3


Your client transfers funds to complete the investment.

step 4


Track client portfolios online, and easily access and download EIS documents.

The four pillars
that drive our fund

Co-invest with the best

The angels we co-invest with have achieved a collective average portfolio growth rate of 42%.

Learn more about the angels

Diversify to reduce risk

We found that building a portfolio of 50+ companies achieves optimal growth potential for our clients.

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Keep the fees low

According to research undertaken by XPM associates, Access EIS fees are lower than the industry average.

Download the report Download our guide to EIS

Make it easy to manage

As an adviser, you can view your clients' dashboards as well as receive biannual reports and quarterly highlights that your clients receive.

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Structured CPD

We run regular EIS and SEIS webinars so if you are interested in participating in one of these please get in touch and we will add you to the list.

Get in touch

For more information about our fund, how it works and how to get started, feel free to call us on 01223 478 558 or email Tom Britton.

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