A new approach to venture capital investing

If you’re looking for a way to gain EIS tax reliefs and the chance for significant returns, consider investing in Access EIS today. Our minimum investment is £5,000, and we’ll receive and store your EIS certificates until it's time to claim, then guide you through the process.

What does Access EIS invest in?

We invest in early-stage British businesses: some of the best, brightest, and most innovative companies around, many of whom are quite simply working to transform the world as we know it, be it in renewable energy technologies, artificial intelligence, or biotech.

Access EIS portfolio companies

While it is high risk, and we can’t guarantee that they will succeed, you can be reassured that these companies have been chosen, and invested in, by our contingent of experienced business angels. These angels ensure we have access to some of the best deals around, out of which we build our investors a diversified portfolio of 50+ companies.

Who can invest?

Access EIS is open to investment by residents of the UK, Channel Islands, Hong Kong, Israel, New Zealand, Singapore and the United Arab Emirates. Please note that in order to claim EIS tax reliefs you will need to have a UK income tax liability against which to set the relief. You do not need to be resident in the UK.

Here’s how it works:

  1. The minimum investment is £5,000. You are free to increase your investment whenever you choose.

  2. We give you access to an Investor Dashboard, which shows all your investments, how much is deployed, and information on each of your portfolio companies.

  3. We handle the EIS certificates for each company, and make them available on your Investor Dashboard when ready, along with a breakdown of all the necessary information for claiming tax, downloadable in one click. Claims for multiple investments can be made in a single tax return, there is no need to file multiple returns.

  4. We provide step by step instructions on how to make your claim for EIS tax relief.

  5. Throughout the deployment of your investment, we will inform you regularly by email about the companies we’re adding to your portfolio.

What happens after you invest?

If you have any questions, you can call us on 01223 478 558, or email us at [email protected].

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