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The possibility of starring as an extra in a Hollywood movie is proving a crowd pleaser with investors using Cambridge platform SyndicateRoom.

Walk-on roles for big investors are one of the rewards of Tinsel Town director Simon West’s fundraising effort with the Cambridge crowd and he has already raised £1.141 million of a £1.8m target to help bankroll his new action comedy, Salty.

The director of Tomb Raider, which starred Angelina Jolie and Con Air says anyone chipping in £90k or more will be offered an extra’s role in the film: £40k-plus gets you on set to meet the stars of the film which has yet to be cast but is likely to attract A-listers. All investors get to share in any profits.

The film’s planned budget is $10m (£5.9m). Assuming the £1.8m target is met on SyndicateRoom, the remainder of the production costs will be funded by pre-sales of the film and tax credits offered by the locations where it is to be filmed.

UK-born West’s films have taken more than $1billion at the global box office and he said he was thrilled at being the first A-List Hollywood director to fund a movie this way.

Away from the movie spotlight and in a different kind of theatre, another SyndicateRoom investment opportunity is proving equally popular and is already overfunded, based on the original target.

Literally at the cutting edge, Hertfordshire-based Lightpoint Medical is raising crowd funding to commercialise a groundbreaking surgical imaging technology that can detect cancer during surgery – reducing the need for repeat operations.

One in four breast cancer patients require additional operations to remove further cancerous cells. Currently surgeons have to rely on dated scans and the sense of touch and visual assessments to locate cancer during surgery.

Lightpoint Medical’s original target was £500,000 with an overfund limit of £1m. It has raised £686,488 to date with a plan to close on December 7 unless it hits the overfund beforehand.

The technology is based on Cerenkov Luminescent Imaging (CLI) and is currently being trailled in Guys and St. Thomas' in London.

The company has received a £250,000 grant from Innovate UK – formerly the Technology Strategy Board – and has secured £4.9m in non-dilutive grant funding. Further grants have been secured from US National Cancer Trust, the European Commission and the Wellcome Trust.

Funds will be used to bring the company’s two lead products LightPath and EnLight to the EU and US markets, meeting the costs of product development, manufacturing scale-up, regulatory filings, and sales & marketing.

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