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A team of former McLaren F1, Porsche, BMW and Lotus employees is seeking crowdfunding through Cambridge platform SyndicateRoom to create a revolutionary lightweight British sports car.

The new British car company, Elemental, has been founded and run by senior designers and engineers who formerly worked at these leading marques.  Elemental is seeking to raise £600,000 for a 26 per cent share of the business through the SyndicateRoom round.


Elemental is creating a new range of cutting-edge lightweight sports cars designed for the track and road-driving enthusiast. The cars incorporate 21st century motorsport design principles, aerodynamics and materials. The first car in production – the Elemental RP-1 – will completely update the traditional idea of an occasional-use road and track car. The RP-1 incorporates a carbon fibre tub (as seen in all F1 cars), motorsport-derived aerodynamics, dramatic styling and owner-tuneable suspension.  It will be available with a choice of engines to suit all uses and driving styles.

The core members of the team have a multi-disciplinary motorsport and engineering background, having worked on some of the world’s most successful and admired super-sports cars and racing programmes.

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