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Cambridge equity crowdfunding platform SyndicateRoom has proved fertile territory for a UK company seeking to raise £275k growth capital.

Fertility Focus has devised a home test device that it claims delivers world-leading, 99 per cent accuracy on exactly when to conceive.

The expectant company has already raised 77 per cent of its target – £213k – and that looks like being handsomely surpassed by the final investment deadline on Sunday, July 5.

Fertility Focus claims that its OvuSense devise is literally pregnant with possibilities as it uses real-time ovulation monitoring to take the guesswork out of when to try for a baby. It claims to be able to precisely predict the onset of ovulation a day in advance and confirm the exact time and date when it occurs.

By early 2016 the company will seek a further £1 million-plus from an institutional investor, when it expects the price to exceed £35 per share. The company predicts an exit value in excess of £60m from a current valuation of £4m, offering investors in this round a potential return worth ten times their investment.

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