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Marketing company Affective Logic has closed its investment fund on crowdfunding site SyndicateRoom, after securing £387,247, 111 per cent of its £350,000 target.

The company, which helps large businesses plan and monitor marketing campaigns across multiple suppliers and markets, was created alongside leading advertising agencies, McCann and Martin. Affective Logic has already worked with General Motors, Aldi and Manpower Group.

It said it expected to grow in value from $22.6bn in 2015 to $32.3bn in 2018 – a 43 per cent increase, and was offering a 6.24 per cent stake for the £350,000 investment, which will be diluted slightly.

The funds raised through SyndicateRoom will be used to develop new, sector-specific technologies and boost marketing efforts in Europe and the US.

Gonçalo de Vasconcelos, chief executive and co-founder of SyndicateRoom, said:

"When we first looked at Affective Logic, it was the feedback from its impressive clientele that really “wowed” us. It was that feedback, combined with the anticipated growth in market value, that grabbed the team’s interest."

SyndicateRoom's investments are all led by an expert 'angel', who pays the same price, and receives the same class shares as ordinary investors, and provides at least 25 per cent of the funding. In this case it was Dr. Thorsten Roser, who has a background in innovation and technology, along with Charles Street Securities.

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