Simon West writes: So for my latest project – an action comedy entitled Salty – I’m raising £1.8m of the film’s budget by selling shares to investors via the equity crowdfunding platform SyndicateRoom. The platform is used by both small investors and business angels, but all share the same desire to make a profit on their investment.

The shares are currently only available to UK investors – as US regulators forbid film-makers from raising finance from “non-accredited” investors. Given that modern crowdfunding is an American invention, it is ironic that if I’d wanted to crowdfund this film in California, I would have had to limit myself to offering “rewards” to investors rather than shares.

Equity crowdfunding may have been born in the US, but it has come of age in the UK. The FCA was much quicker to recognise its potential and regulate it than its US counterpart, and more crowdfunding campaigns are now launched in London than in any US city.

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