Millenialls: the unlikely group supporting SMEs

The Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) is growing with spectacular speed. Since its inception, £14.2bn has been invested through the scheme according to HMRC statistics, providing much needed capital to Britain’s entrepreneurial businesses.

As well as providing opportunities for companies to gain early stage funding, EIS also provides many benefits for investors, and our research shows that millennials are leading the way in taking advantage of these, joining the group of typically highly sophisticated, well-informed and advised investors with over £1m in investments.

The research, launched this week, looks at UK investors’ attitudes towards risk, returns and investing in tax efficient products. It finds that millennials – those aged 18-30 – are twice as likely to embrace early-stage investing as a means of reaching their financial goals than those aged 51 and up. Similarly, young investors are the most likely to seek out EIS and seed enterprise investment scheme (SEIS) opportunities.

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