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Currently listed on the ISDX, a London investment exchange, Sandal is comprised of PowerConnections, an established cash generative division, and Energenie, which is at the centre of the rapidly expanding Internet of Things market. Founded in 1996, Sandal designs, develops and manufactures consumer electronics products, seeing £3m of turnover in each of the last 3 years.  Seeking to raise £500,000 on its SyndicateRoom equity crowdfunding campaign before 10 May, Sandal has already secured more than £130,900 of its goal.  Funding will used to enable more rapid growth and product development.

SyndicateRoom announced that the Sandal campaign will be the first time the platform is offering investors the ability to invest via their ISA**.** Registered investors may learn more financial details, watch management interviews and this ISA opportunity on the campaign’s Investment Terms tab. “Alternatively, shares on offer via SyndicateRoom are _newly issued _shares and thus are eligible for EIS relief, for those investors who do not wish to use their ISA,” commented the campaign. “It is worth noting that shares acquired as a result of a transfer done through the ISDX Growth Market would not be eligible EIS relief and may cost more.”

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