Independent reviewer '' gives top marks to SyndicateRoom

Some of the biggest questions surrounding equity crowdfunding in the United Kingdom and around the world is the safety of such investments, due diligence and the possibility of fraud. has brought to the table an incredibly simple, yet innovative way to answer these concerns. The equity crowdfunding platform only allows companies to open listings for equity offerings that have already received substantial investments from professional, experienced angel investors.

SyndicateRoom is the uk's first equity crowdfunding platform that focuses on the investors and investor returns. Before an entrepreneur can upload a business pitch to SyndicateRoom, the business must first have a lead business angle (or group of lead investors) on board and providing a minimum of 25% of the funding round out of pocket.

Compare this with other platforms that require all information to come from the entrepreneur themselves and you can see why SyndicateRoom's model inspires a bit more confidence with potential investors.

But it's not just about the investors, the entrepreneurs benefit from the experience of the business angels as well. These angels have a load of industry experience and contacts who can help the company succeed.

We are impressed with the innovation, ease of use and technology employed by and believe you must take this equity crowdfunding site for a test drive.

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