SaaS to manage business processes more accurately, efficiently & cheaply

Info-CTRL offers a SaaS solution that enables companies to manage operational processes via spreadsheets on a company-wide basis without forcing individual users to move away from their own personal approaches.

Rather than insisting upon a uniform front end user experience, Info-CTRL instead automates consolidation of users' spreadsheets in the back end, thus removing the issue of workforce adoption whilst ensuring the business has access to a full, accurate and up to date picture of its operational status.

Info-CTRL are targeting companies in the retail and financial industries first because of the experience and networks held by the management team. Although with spreadsheet use so prolific, there is little doubt that there is a very large addressable market to expand into.

The company has already built commercial traction having sold to Core Logic in the US, and having recently signed a contract with Cath Kidston. Info-CTRL is fostering a healthy sales pipeline, including three Tier 1 retailers and over ten Tier 2 retailers. Their sales funnel has over 800 prospects.

Executive Chairman Chris has previously grown a business from scratch to one with a turnover of over £7m. He also led the management buy-out of i-Realise from Itim Group in 2005. Non-Executive Director, Bernard Fisher, has over 40 years experience in the Information Technology industry, having acted as CEO or Chief Financial Officer during a number of successful exits, including when Adaytum, a financial software company, was sold to Cognos for $160m, for over 2.5x revenue.

CEO Christine Hawkins says:

‘The gap in the market that Info-CTRL is leveraging is the fact that people in business like to use spreadsheets, and instead of forcing them to use a cumbersome and less agile system we turned the process on its head and said ‘let’s work with what people love at the front end and build a robust and secure database back end' … then everybody sings off the same spreadsheet!’

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