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A Cambridge-based business which commercialises innovative technologies to accelerate and enable stem cell science has turned to Syndicate Room to help it raise up to £250,000.

Cell Guidance Systems has so far secured more than £150,000 from investors with a month still to go on its crowdfunding pitch.

The company has patented an innovative technology called Pods, which provides a solution to protein instability by encaging proteins within a crystal armour, protecting them right through to the moment when they are slowly released to their target.

It has described this as a "huge breakthrough" given that there are no similar technologies understood to be in existence or development.

Cell Guidance Systems' lead investor is Dr Steve Chambers. He is a founding partner of Adgen, which was sold to Nasdaq-listed Neogen Corporation in 2003. Chambers has remained there for 12 years, continuing to build the business into a leading supplier of food safety and security products.

He said: "Cell Guidance Systems’ biggest strength is having a competent and complimentary management team being at the right place at the right time.

"A promising company always has more opportunities than it has the resource to deal with – which is the biggest problem Cell Guidance System has to face.

"In addition to their current successful sales program with their life science research tools, the Pods technology offers real opportunity, but they will need to pick partners carefully that will maximise value. I think they are aware of that and will need to analyse and turn down opportunities that do not offer the right effort/reward ratio. "

Guidance Systems, which counts AstraZeneca and Roche as customers, previously raised £242,800 on the equity crowdfunding platform Crowdcube in 2013.

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