Cambridge 23rd April 2015

Invest like an angel - SyndicateRoom launches ‘the Investors’ Academy’ to help investors become wiser, more discerning and increasingly successful equity crowdfunders

In partnership with top tier law firm Taylor Wessing, SyndicateRoom today launches its new investor education programme called ‘the Investors’ Academy’, designed to help would-be investors in equity crowdfunding projects to be better informed and more discerning, to help improve the ultimate success of their investing.

The programme is delivered online, free of charge, and will roll-out in three stages, to take participants through a step by step learning process that will by completion equip investors with an impressively complete understanding of how to go about getting the best results they can. The programme will ensure that investors know more about the nature of investing in small or even start-up companies, what to look for and what to look out for. They will learn from experts and experienced angel investors to look past the hype and know the crucial questions to get answered before deciding whether or not to invest.

With important external input from leading international law firm Taylor Wessing, the Investors’ Academy provides objective, expert educational materials and tools and will be of value to all potential crowd investors, not just those who use SyndicateRoom.

Content will include:

Stage 1: An overview of equity crowdfunding (available now) The importance of Due Diligence (available now)

Stage 2: Legal considerations The choice of platforms

Stage 3: Post investment considerations The Exit – how it works, what to look out for

Throughout: Insights from angels Investor tool kit Glossary of terms

All of this will be made available, free of charge, at: /learn/overview

Goncalo de Vasconcelos, founder and CEO of SyndicateRoom said,“From the beginning, we have been trying hard to raise standards in the equity crowdfunding arena, focusing particularly on ensuring that investors’ interests are properly protected and balanced equitably with those of the businesses seeking funding. The Investors’ Academy is our next step in that process, aiming to equip all those who want it with a much better understanding of what they need to do to be more discerning investors who are more likely to do well from their investments.

“With our unique approach of having one of more experienced angel investors or VCs leading each round, with all investors enjoying exactly the same deal, it has been easy to reflect and harness their expertise in assembling this training programme. Whether or not people invest through SyndicateRoom, they can benefit - free of charge - from this invaluable material that is sadly not readily available elsewhere in digestible form.”

Adrian Rainey, Corporate Technology Partner at Taylor Wessing said, “Equity crowdfunding is gaining huge traction amongst investors and entrepreneurs, and its continued success is being supported by an increasingly sophisticated user base demanding not only quality deal flow but also robust legal process and a balanced deal between investors and entrepreneurs.

The Academy is an excellent initiative that will support this trend, and which will no doubt contribute to the continued success of the crowdfunding industry."