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Our pick: The Syndicate Room (

Unlike other crowdfunding platforms, The Syndicate Room only lists companies that have already been promised at least 25 per cent of the funding they need from professional angel investors. This means before you even get to see these businesses, they have been scrutinised by investors whose interests are aligned to yours - as they're hoping to make money in exactly the same way as you. The valuations you see on the site are also calculated by these professional investors - which are likely to be more realistic as companies are prone to producing "flattering" valuations if left to their own devices, according to co-founder Gonçalo de Vasconcelos. The Syndicate Room has only been live for around six months so it lacks the track record and scale of some of the bigger sites, but its methodology sets it apart from the crowd.

Notable transactions: e-Go, the first aircraft to be designed and built in Britain in decades, has just completed a £650,000 funding round via SyndicateRoom.

How many companies get full funding: 83 per cent.

Minimum investment: £500."

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