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Crowdfunding platform SyndicateRoom has been given the go-ahead by the London Stock Exchange to get a piece of the new listings and share placings action.

The launch of SyndicateRoom’s public equity capability means individual investors will be placed in the same position as professionals, with the ability to participate in the initial public offering (IPO) market and the opportunity to benefit from the same discounts for new equity issues, the crowdfunding firm said.

First up on the SyndicateRoom runway is the £200mln flotation of HealthCare Royalty Trust Plc, which is set to list on the main market of the London Stock Exchange.

A wide spectrum of equity opportunities will be available to SyndicateRoom members, from early-stage crowdfunding rounds through to high-growth flotations, pre-flotations and discounted placings, SyndicateRoom said.

“SyndicateRoom has already built a large member base of online crowdfunding investors, helping to create a new equity-owning class – the mass affluent. We are now seeking to democratise access to the public market, widening the reach of IPO discounts and putting the public back into IPO. SyndicateRoom’s move into the public equity market is another step in the evolution of the London Stock Exchange providing capital to growth companies, now with greater participation from individual investors,” said Goncalo de Vasconcelos, chief executive officer and co-founder of SyndicateRoom.

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