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Britons are missing out on wealth creation opportunities because, when it comes to investing, they just don’t know where to start. But crowdfunding platform SyndicateRoom says that’s about to change, as it seeks to democratise the way ordinary people invest in businesses.

Only a quarter of Britons say they’re fully on track to achieve their financial priorities according to a report by SyndicateRoom entitled Bridging the Equity Divide. More than half of those surveyed believe their net worth would increase if they invested in equities.

The average UK adult now has around £173,000 in personal assets, but the majority of those who could be motivated to invest in equities have been put off because they cannot find a simple and easy way to do so.

“It’s clear that the public’s money isn’t working as hard as it should be. So it’s crucial that as an industry we support investors to ensure simple, transparent and easy access for all,” said co-founder and CEO Goncalo de Vasconcelos.

In March 2016, SyndicateRoom entered the equity capital markets by becoming a member of the London Stock Exchange, enabling crowdfunding investors to easily participate in IPOs and placings, on the same terms as institutional investors.

The launch of the report coincides with SyndicateRoom’s announcement for a further fundraiser. It previously raised £1.2mln, through its own crowdfunding platform in May 2015 in just 33 hours. The funding round launched today is expected to raise £2.3mln.

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