Cambridge, 20th April 2015

SyndicateRoom offers the first ever equity crowdfunding ISA opportunity with raise for Sandal plc,  a UK challenger to Google’s Nest and British Gas’s Hive home automation systems

  • UK techies create a smart home automation system - an advanced, multi product, independent challenge to Nest (Google) and Hive (British Gas).

  • As another SyndicateRoom equity crowdfunding first, investors will be helped to place their Sandal shares in an ISA with EIS also being available as an option.

The latest investment opportunity offered on SyndicateRoom - the unique investor-led equity crowdfunding platform - is Sandal, an already successful listed PLC with a £3m turnover in each of the last 3 years, now taking on the home automation giants Google and British Gas with its superior home hub, ‘MiHome’.

This new hub allows customers to control and monitor their entire home – including heating, lighting and appliances (which Google’s Nest product does not) – and in a modular system to create a lower entry price point.

This investment round represents another first for SyndicateRoom in equity crowdfunding, as investors will be helped to place their shares inside an ISA if they choose to, although they can also opt for EIS tax relief instead. In December last year, SyndicateRoom achieved the first ever equity crowdfunding IPO with the Mill Residential REIT.

SyndicateRoom remains unique as the only equity crowdfunding platform in the world where every investment round is led by one or more experienced angel or VC  investors, who negotiate the valuation, investment terms and share class, with all other investors enjoying precisely the same economic arrangements.

Sandal plc is based in Essex, and began in 1996 when the company dealt in converter plugs and cables. Following years of successful trade, Sandal plc created a new brand, ‘Energenie’, and expanded into Home Automation and the ‘Internet of Things’ marketplace with its MiHome products.

Energenie launched their MiHome range at the NEC Birmingham Gadget Show last week, and will follow this at Grand Designs at Excel London in May, The Ideal Home Show in Manchester in June and the Eco Tech Show in Brighton later in June.

Gonçalo de Vasconcelos, founder and CEO, SyndicateRoom, said:

“As a listed PLC, with real business success under its belt and an exciting new product with which to challenge the likes of Google and British Gas in the intriguing ‘Internet of Things’ arena, Sandal is an exciting company to have on SyndicateRoom.”

“The option for retail investors to place their shares inside an ISA is another innovative first in the market for SyndicateRoom, following the first and so far only crowdfunded IPO, last December.

About SyndicateRoom - SyndicateRoom is an online equity crowdfunding platform that allows its members to co-invest alongside experienced angel investors in highly sophisticated investment opportunities, and on the same economic terms as the lead investors (i.e. they are offered the same share class and price per share). SyndicateRoom was founded by Gonçalo de Vasconcelos and Tom Britton, and its own lead investors and advisers are UK Business Angel of the Year Peter Cowley and super-angel Jonathan Milner.  SyndicateRoom is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

About Sandal -  Sandal plc commenced business in 1996 and designs, develops and manufactures consumer electronics products. Its business is divided into two distinct product groups, PowerConnections, a long established wholesaler and reseller of a successful and patented range of converter plugs and power cables, and Energenie, which sells a newer product range that includes energy saving products, portable charging devices and the new MiHome range of products aimed at the “Home Automation” and “Internet of Things” marketplace.