Biotech is a continually expanding and highly innovative industry that utilises living organisms in search of cures for a myriad of illnesses, from Hepatitis C to cancer. It is also an industry in which businesses require a lot of funds in the early stage to get off the ground, for research and development as well as marketing and distribution.

Why invest in biotech?

Many attribute the increased demand for new innovations in the biotech industry with an increase in life expectancy across the world and a greater number of people in emerging markets able to afford better medical care. Biotechnology experienced record amounts of investment in 2014 and was among the top performing industries in terms of investment raised. Growth has been rapid and the number of available biotech startup investment opportunities has also increased alongside the industry growth.

biotech industry worker, investment in biotech is crucial for the sector

Why invest with SyndicateRoom?

Our Access EIS fund builds a diversified startup portfolio for you by co-investing with experienced angel investors. It aims to build a portfolio of at least 50 companies for each investor to further mitigate risk, and to replicate annual market growth in the UK startup sector.

What SyndicateRoom offers:

  1. A data-driven approach to venture capital investing that aims to minimise risk.

  2. Access to a larger portion of the startup market through co-investment with experienced business angels.

  3. Generous tax reliefs as part of the EIS scheme for qualifying investors.

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With SyndicateRoom you gain access to invest alongside professional investors receiving the same share class and same share price.


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