Fintech has become one of the most important sectors for investing over the past few years, with some commentators comparing its influence to the late-1990s dotcom boom. Via SyndicateRoom, investors have the opportunity to invest in Fintech companies that are attempting to disrupt traditional financial services. As payments and information become more and more mobile, it is likely that innovation in the Fintech sector will continue to increase, approximately mirroring the pace of the last few years.

Why Invest in Fintech?

Fintech, or financial technology, is among the world’s most rapidly expanding markets as the manner in which we use our money and invest changes at an ever-growing pace. The UK, and London in particular, has become one of the most important markets for the innovative Fintech industry, with growth very strong here. The company often held up as the example for all UK Fintech companies to follow is Transfer Wise. According to an article in City AM, Fintech investment levels again increased in the UK in Q1 of 2017 and it is becoming a favoured investment among venture capitalists and angel investors alike. This coincided with huge deals for Funding Circle as well as the SyndicateRoom Squirrel raise (see more below).

Why Invest via SyndicateRoom

Online investment platforms such as SyndicateRoom are a good example of how Fintech is changing the way investments and payments can be made. SyndicateRoom provides the platform to invest in early-stage companies and startups in the Fintech industry that in the past have tended to be available only to business angels.

SyndicateRoom is an investor-led platform, offering you an opportunity to invest alongside business angels and with the same economic terms. To start investing, you will need to certify as a sophisticated investor or high-net-worth individual and fill out our sign-up form. The minimum investment on SyndicateRoom is £1,000.

Success story

In early 2016 Kwanji, an online foreign exchange and payments (fintech) platform, took home £496,682 of investment on SyndicateRoom to help businesses primarily in emerging markets ‘to trade from anywhere to anywhere with anyone’. Read more about the raise here. In February 2017, London-based budgetting App creators Squirrel overfunded on SyndicateRoom, raising a total of £465,359.

What SyndicateRoom offers

  1. SyndicateRoom allows you to invest on the same economic terms as the lead investor. The lead investor sets the valuation of the company and conducts due diligence prior to the company going live on our platform

  2. Investors receive the same class of shares no matter how much they invest

  3. Equity crowdfunding in Fintech offers you the opportunity to create a diversified investment portfolio

  4. Investors that qualify can benefit from tax relief through the EIS and SEIS schemes

SyndicateRoom is FREE to join

With SyndicateRoom you gain access to invest alongside professional investors receiving the same share class and same share price.