The medical technology (Medtech) industry has seen exuberant growth over the past decade, thanks in part to the emergence of alternative investment options. The new funding options available have seen countless new medical technologies enter the market, improving livelihoods and saving lives. Investing in early-stage medical companies in particular has become a much more competitive and democratic process thanks to equity crowdfunding.

Given the large and growing demand for Medtech innovation, the future will bring more investment opportunities to the table – and you too can get involved.

Why Invest in Medical Technology?

The UK medical technology industry is a world leader. Companies are sniffing out opportunities and taking advantage of the world class facilities and institutions that are available in the UK, creating industry-leading technologies. In 2013, the UK medical device industry was the sixth biggest in the world, and turnover of the UK medical technology industry has shown a positive growth between 2009 and 2014 (, p. 5).

Medtech companies have been at the vanguard in developing innovative treatments for a wide range of conditions, including cancer and diabetes, as well as new technologies that optimise the way medical procedures are carried out, reducing risk and cost. In addition to the invention of many life-saving devices, investment in medical device technology has led to many UK citizens living longer, healthier and more independent lives.

Why Invest with SyndicateRoom?

Medical technology companies represent a quarter of successfully funded businesses on the SyndicateRoom platform. In addition to this, our unique investor-led model allows all investors to benefit from the best share terms and conditions.

Exit Club

In December 2016 medtech company Oval Medical Technologies became the inaugural member of SyndicateRoom's Exit Club after being acquired by SMC Ltd. for an undisclosed amount. This news came just two years after Oval's SyndicateRoom raise, which was held in August 2014, raising £1,118,647 from 40 investors. The company used the funding to manufacture a pilot tool for its drug-device combination study.

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