Renewable energy

Simply put, renewable energy comes from a source that is not depleted when used, such as wind, solar power, hydropower, geothermal heat, biomass energy and so on.

Renewables produce approximately 20% of the UK's electricity, with EU targets pushing this figure to rise to 30% by 2020. Power generation, which accounted for over 65% of the UK's carbon footprint in 1990, is now responsible for just one-quarter of the nation's GHG footprint, according to the Office for National Statistics.

With the cost of technologies enabling renewable energy generation plummeting rapidly, the government committing to end domestic coal power generation by 2025 and rumours of a legally binding net-zero target for 2050 on the horizon, renewable energy has the UK's power sector in somewhat of a (well-intentioned) stranglehold. The UK also operates several schemes to provide financial support for renewable energy, encouraging further technological development and wider adoption.

As SmartestEnergy's Energy Entrepreneurs 2019 report highlights, the transition to renewables is already well under way, with investors funnelling money into wind, solar and hydropower – as well as technologies such as battery storage, anaerobic digestion and green gas – over recent years.

The expansion of the independent renewable energy generation sector over the past seven years has been nothing short of remarkable. Back in 2012, there was only 4.7GW of capacity contributing to Great Britain’s decarbonisation efforts, but now that figure has risen to a staggering 14.1GW, including 329MW added during 2018.

Energy Entrepreneurs 2019 report

Why invest in renewable energy?

As well as the obvious reason of creating a cleaner, more sustainable avenue of energy generation for the future, the fact that governments all over the world are setting targets and dedicating funding to renewable energy production means that this sector will continue to grow.

At SyndicateRoom, our investors have helped numerous renewable energy companies reach their funding target, investing on the same conditions as the lead investor. We continue to source environmentally advantageous investment opportunities, as many of our investors are keen to help fund projects which will help see a brighter future for our planet.

Recent campaigns that successfully funded include Renovare Fuels, which is developing technology that turns biodegradable waste from homes and industry into petrol or diesel fuel; and Aeristech, the developer behind an electric supercharger prototype for automobiles.

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