Greensphere Capital - a company that invests to make a profit for its investors, but also to have a positive social impact, cause no harm to the environment and create new jobs - is looking to raise up to $500m (£379m) via an IPO on the London Stock Exchange. Greensphere hopes to use funds raised from the float to invest in sustainable energy and infrastructure assets.

According to the company, floating should allow access to different asset classes that have otherwise been unattainable and dominated by private funds. The firm is planning investment in both public and private companies and will focus initially on Western Europe, North America and Scandinavia. Targeted investments will include companies that focus on water, waste, renewable energy, sustainable agriculture, resource efficiency and other companies focused on leaving a positive social impact.

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Managing partner Divya Seshamani said:

Greensphere Capital aims to demonstrate how finance can play a transformational role in tackling some of the greatest risks facing our generation – resource scarcity, commodity and fuel input volatility, and climate stress

She followed by saying that the goal is to attain “a predictable and attractive yield from these investments through regular capital distributions.”

Greensphere will be advised on the potential IPO by Numis Securities and expects that more details will be released towards the end of November.