Jos is the lead investor for SyndicateRoom portfolio companies Squirrel and Brytlyt. Jos has a number of successful exits under his belt including Bright North, Numecent and Active Ticketing.

With a background as a commodity broker in iron ore, Jos set up his own company in this area and began investing in technology startups.

Squirrel Financial Wellbeing

Squirrel is a personal financial management and savings solution that helps people regain control of their finances.

Squirrel completed its SyndicateRoom round in February 2017, overfunding to £465,359.



Brytlyt overfunded to £306,000 (153% of its target) in September 2016 with the help of 31 SyndicateRoom investors.

Brytlyt disrupts the software technology needed for processing and analytics to greatly enhance its market’s number one purchasing criteria: speed. Lead investor Jos Evans, investing £75,000 into Brytlyt, was joined by five other business angels at the start of the round, bringing Brytlyt very close to its minimum target. Brytlyt operates in a market worth $2.2bn in 2016, when it was growing at 30% per year.

I am hugely impressed with Brytlyt's progress and even more impressed with their ability to make every penny go a mile – I feel the internal ROI of every pound invested with them is phenomenal. I believe they will go the distance.

Jos Evans

Brytlyt lead investor

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