Arjun led the product team at SyndicateRoom, where he was responsible for the delivery and success of new platform offerings, with a particular focus on improving analytics and data-driven strategy. Joining in 2016, his first project epitomised SyndicateRoom’s pioneering approach to early-stage investment, flipping fundraising on its head by empowering investors to collectively drive demand for placements in innovative firms.

Previously, Arjun co-founded Talent Rank, a learning and development platform enabling the educationally disadvantaged to access elite jobs via highly scaleable crowd-grading and scoring algorithms. For example, Talent Rank co-developed a successful eight-week online programme with Goldman Sachs.

Arjun has built technology that was featured on the front page of the Financial Times, has joined government delegations to Asia representing UK entrepreneurship, and emerged a winner at both Accenture’s FinTech Innovation Lab and MassChallenge. He is a Microsoft Ventures alumni, and has enjoyed short stints in tech (Facebook), finance (DB, MDT) and media (Sunday Times, Libertine).

Arjun graduated from Imperial College London (Physics) and Kyoto University in Japan (Socio-Environmental Energy Science), and is lead author on two papers that have been featured in academic journals and involve data science and life-cycle analysis.