Peter Shankman believes in Customers, Companies, and People. Whether it's the CEO who needs help empowering his employees to create magical customer moments, to the Fortune 100 who needs a better understanding of its employees, to the small business who doesn't know where to begin, Peter helps people, companies, and brands be better, be nicer, gain the love of their customers, and make more money.

He is the co-founder of Shankman Honig, a customer service consultancy focused on social media marketing. Previously, he was the creator of the Help a Reporter Out ("HARO"), and a PR firm called The Geek Factory. He is the author of three books on marketing and social media, and the long-running blog.

In addition to his work with companies, he is also a prolific angel investor, combing investment with empowerment. He has been a guest speaker at TedX, South by Southwest, and many other conferences.