Earlier this year, Swiftkey sold to Microsoft for a reported $250m. In late 2015, Vocal IQ sold to Apple for an undisclosed sum, while CentraStage sold to Autotask. And just this summer, CMOS Sensors was acquired by ams. What do these companies have in common?

All four had super-angel Simon Thorpe as one of their earliest investors. More than that, their exits generated very healthy returns on investment and earned Simon the industry’s most sought-after award: UKBAA Business Angel of the Year 2016.

Simon is a super-angel and accountant with more that 25 years’ city experience. He has worked in equity research, sales and capital markets with major institutional investors and corporates across all sectors.

In his capacity as Managing Partner at Delta2020, Simon offers financial and management consulting, coaching and mentoring for fast-growing companies. He is also a non-executive director to a number of private companies and the board observer for Niume, which raised twice on SyndicateRoom, most recently overfunding to £400,000 in June 2016.

In October 2016 we were joined in London by more than 200 UK investors for An evening with Simon Thorpe, a special opportunity to meet the UKBAA Angel of the Year and hear him explain his investing ethos. A recording of Simon’s talk is available below.

An evening with Simon Thorpe was part of an ongoing series of investor events giving you the chance to meet the UK’s biggest investors and industry thought leaders. Past keynotes have included Jim Mellon, Hermann Hauser, Jonathan Milner and Andy Richards.

Special thanks to BDO LLP for hosting the event.