A guide to the terms and expressions used in online investing and equity crowdfunding.

A shares Acqui-hire Actuary AIM Alternative Investment Market Alternative finance Angel investor (business angel) Angel network Angel network manager Annual report Articles of association Asset class B shares Beneficial shareholder or owner Board observer Board of directors Bootstrapping Burn rate Business angel Business incubator Business model canvas Business plan Cap table Convertible note Crowdfunding Debt Debt-based crowdfunding Dilution Diversification Dividends Donation-based crowdfunding Drag-along right Due diligence Entrepreneurial seizure Entrepreneurs relief Equity Equity crowdfunding Exit Exit strategy Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) Financial forecast Fully diluted Fund Fundraising Growth stage High Net Worth Individual (HNWI) Illiquid asset Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) Intellectual Property (IP) Internal rate of return (IRR) Investment memorandum JOBS Act Know Your Client (KYC) Lead investor Lean startup Lift round Liquidity Management buy-in (MBI) Management buyout (MBO) Management team Market risk Marketing plan Mini-bond Nominee Operational plan Ordinary share Overfunding Peer-to-peer (P2P) finance Penny stock Platform Portfolio Post-investment Post-money valuation Pre-emption Pre-money valuation Preference shares Primary market Private Equity Return on Investment (ROI) Reward-based crowdfunding Risk Secondary market Seed capital Seed stage Series A funding Share issue Share Option Shareholder Shareholders' agreement Socially responsible investing Sophisticated investor Subscription agreement Tag-along rights Term sheet Trade sale Valuation Venture Capital Voting rights Warrants