We’ve pulled together some useful tools and market reports for you to use when you decide you’re ready to invest.

2 min read

New EIS investment rules explained

4 min read

Due diligence on directors and the team

2 min read

Early-stage investing: Knowing your market

3 min read

Early-stage investing: A quick look at legals

4 min read

Investing in startups: When things go wrong

5 min read

ICOs are the future – just not the present

6 min read

Managing your portfolio: Survival of the fittest

8 min read

The value of diversity

6 min read

Don’t hate the player, hate the game: The rise of eSports

8 min read

Edtech: The future of learning

7 min read

Is it time for social enterprise to become official?

1 min read

The complete EIS process (infographic)

6 min read

Essentials for companies 2.0: Thoughts of an Analyst

5 min read

Choosing the best funding round: What’s right for you?

4 min read

A quick guide to claiming EIS income tax relief

5 min read

Carry back to save tax - EIS/SEIS carry overview

10 min read

‘No business like show business’: Investing in film

9 19 April017 10 min read

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Meet the team




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