Running a startup is tough enough without the admin burden that accompanies raising funding. That's why we set up the SyndicateRoom nominee: a single shareholder for all your investors.

What is a nominee?

Very simply, a nominee acts as a go-between for you and the investors that invest in your company to ease the administrative burden. The nominee's key benefit is that you don't have to manage individual shareholders.

The nominee is the legal owner of the shares, but the investors remain the beneficial owners and retain full economic rights to the shares.

The SyndicateRoom nominee

We help execute standard legal agreements with all of your investors

We will hold investments in escrow accounts until the end of the round

Let us manage the post-round paperwork burden for your EIS1 and EIS3s

We will help manage voting and quarterly updates for your company

The SyndicateRoom nominee will keep share certificates on the investors' behalf, you only need to issue one certificate. We will arrange SEIS and EIS certificates, so you don't have to worry about burdensome paperwork.

Importantly, the SyndicateRoom nominee will not decide how to vote or take decisions for your investors. Instead it will collect votes or decisions from investors and pass these onto the company.

SyndicateRoom will provide company updates to investors and the SyndicateRoom nominee will administer the investments in the case of dividend payments or an exit.

In the unlikely event that SyndicateRoom or the nominee service provider cease trading, shares held by the nominee will be transferred to the investors as the beneficial owners, who will then become the direct shareholders; alternatively investors can instruct that the shares are transferred to a replacement nominee of their choice.