Creating consistent returns from venture investing.

We've tracked every UK startup funding round since 2011.
Most VC funds don’t come close to the annual growth of the market.
So we decided to build a fund that can beat it.

We spent three years analysing the UK startup market and found that in its entirety, it grows by around 25% year on year.

We set about devising a method to capture this market growth for our investors.
How does it work?
Invest with the very best
Our analysis identified a top band of angel investors who consistently see portfolio growth that outstrips the market and are well connected to high-quality dealflow.
Who do we invest with?
Large portfolios are better
We found that building a portfolio of 50 companies across all sectors provides the ideal combination of achievable deal flow and optimal growth potential.
See our white paper for the data
The Result: Access EIS
Access EIS invests alongside angels from our network who have a proven track record of success, on exactly the same terms.

This allows us to build portfolios of around 50 startups per deployment for each of our investors, giving them a diverse holding that is calibrated for optimal performance. Building portfolios of the optimal size requires a model, a network, and the investing infrastructure that most funds don’t have.
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Our fees are lower than the average EIS fund
Crucially, our approach is efficient, digital, and cost-effective, meaning that we can deliver our investors a greater potential for growth, less risk, for around 52% less that our competitors.

The following table shows our fees side by side with those of a typical EIS fund
Access EIS
Typical EIS Fund*
Minimum subscription
Set-up fee
Annual management fee
Deal fee
Annual admin fee
Exit fee
Total management fees
(7 year holding period)
Performance fee (carry)
10% (hurdle of 110%)
*Information shown in the table is based on independent research by XPM Investment. Conducted in July 2019.

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