10to8 is an all-in-one appointment scheduling software that’s already being used by over 2,000 companies in more than 30 countries and has facilitated over 1.6m appointments.

The story

10to8 believes it has cracked the problems of appointment coordination by creating a ‘communicating calendar engine’ that lets everyone know what is happening, using each person’s preferred communication channels, seeking confirmation, focusing on error avoidance and aiming for absolute reliability, potentially saving a great deal of time and money for institutions and individuals alike.


10to8 believes it has a fundamentally different approach to diary management; and is a method of communicating. Communications are how all bookings are organised in the real world and vast amounts of time are spent on this core activity. 10to8 brings the booking conversation from many channels and focuses them into one place; from here, the solution automates the coordination process to potentially deliver massive savings.

The team

CEO Matthew Cleevely has a history of business and entrepreneurship expertise. His experience includes working as a consultant with a wide range of startups, a result of his involvement with directing innovation and entrepreneurship policy in the UK. Matthew holds an MEng in Engineering from Oxford University and MPhil in Economics from Cambridge University.

The lead investor

Lead investor Anthony Jenking is an entrepreneur himself, setting up cr360 - a sustainability business – in 2006. The company was entirely privately funded and grew organically to revenues of c.£10m in 2016, winning the Queen’s Award for Enterprise and listed in the Tech Track 100 fastest growing companies twice. The business was sold to Underwriter’s Laboratories (UL) in 2016 and Anthony transitioned away in October 2017.

The product meets an obvious need in the market and has a demonstrated track record in delivery. The product itself looks and feels good, the development process is pretty sound (especially for a startup) and there is a clear roadmap to continue to add value to end users and expand the scope of the product.

Anthony Jenking

Lead investor

Customer reviews

The 10to8 software is a fantastic tool for anyone who has customers who have appointments with you and your business. The online diary works really well, enabling customers to choose their own time to see you without the hassle of speaking to anyone. My booking page is linked directly to my website making booking simple. Every customer that visits my practice compliments us on our professionalism when it comes to good communication with them.

Easy to use, automated reminders are excellent to help cut back on no shows. You can access the site anywhere and add multiple administrators. So far, no glitches or freezing whilst using this site. The app is even better. I can just click the button and my daily calendar pops up. Now I can make appointments anywhere and anytime. Furthermore, I don't have to take time out of my day to send out reminders to clients. My no show rate has dropped tremendously.

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