Having an early indication of potential equipment failure gives asset managers vital time to plan for maintenance or repair.

8power have developed an easy-to-install, self-powered device able to monitor industrial equipment such as motors, pumps and gearboxes independent of age, brand, size, and model.

The 8power device

How it works

"Our condition monitoring system provides valuable data to track an asset’s condition. This enables early intervention for maintenance, repair or replacement of an asset – reducing operating costs and business disruption"

The devices are powered by vibration from the assets itself, so the user can “fit and forget”. The device can measure vibration and temperature to track gradual deterioration and decide when best to maintain, repair or replace an asset.

Use cases include tracking the equipment used in water treatment, waste treatment, oil production and gas production. Engineers don’t then need to attend the site, and can view data remotely. Repairs can be prioritised to maximise production, avoid downtime and minimise the exposure of maintenance staff to hazardous environments.

More information can be found on the 8power website.

The sensor in use

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