Affective Logic

In November 2015, Affective Logic raised £387,247 to launch its technology as a SaaS product for smaller enterprises.

The story

Affective Logic’s software helps large companies conceptualise, plan, design, produce, deliver and monitor campaigns across multiple suppliers and markets. Its product, Affect, is a unique system that uses innovations in ‘semantics’ to improve people’s relationships with technology. By anticipating how people think and work, it eases the entire marketing process – from idea to production to market. It operates in the fast-growth marketing technology sector – an industry that is expected to grow in value by 43%, from $22.6bn in 2015 to $32.3bn in 2018.

The lead investor

The lead investor in this round was Dr Thorsten Roser, who has a background in innovation and technology, and a passion for fostering business growth.

The key indicator for me, before I invested in the company, was to see that there was an outstanding, rapid take-up of the product.

Dr Thorsten Roser

Lead investor

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