Ambicare seeks to improve people’s lives with its innovative, convenient home use treatments for skin conditions such as acne.

In 2015, Ambicare successfully raised £529,374 to design, develop and launch a streamlined version of its light therapy device, Lustre Pro. The company returned to SyndicateRoom for another successful round in 2018, overfunding to £495,286.

The story

Ambicare was formed in 2004 as a spinout from the University of St Andrews and Tayside Health Board (Ninewells Hospital – accredited as the first UK Centre of Excellence by the European Society for Photodynamic Therapy in Dermatology).

Since then, the company has made substantial progress in the development and commercialisation of proprietary, LED-based devices for the treatments of a range of skin conditions and diseases. Ambicare has developed two distinct product lines, both of which are clinically proven and convenient to use, for the treatments of specific dermatological conditions: non-melanoma skin cancer and acne.

In the treatments of acne, blue light alone is the treatments mechanism (Lustre Pure Light); in the case of non-melanoma skin cancer (and related conditions), red light is used in conjunction with proprietary topical pharmaceutical activities – a treatments described as Photo Dynamic Therapy (Ambulight PDT).

Ambicare's SyndicateRoom rounds were led by Mill Venture Partners and Longbow Capital.

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