Ambicare successfully raised £529,374 to design, develop and launch a streamlined version of its light theraphy device, Lustre Pro.

The Story

Founded as the result of pioneering work done at the University of St Andrews and NHS Tayside (Ninewells Hospital and Medical School) in 2004, Ambicare’s award-winning, clinically proven LED light therapy effectively treats conditions such as acne and non-melanoma skin cancer from the comfort of your home. Operating in both the consumer and professional skin healthcare sectors, Ambicare has developed and commercialised its technology for two initial skin health market segments:

  1. Blue light therapy for over-the-counter treatment of acne at home (Lustre Pure Light™), which also comes in a ‘Pro’ version that offers higher power and shorter treatment times
  2. Red light PDT therapy for clinician applied outpatient treatment of non-melanoma skin cancer (Ambulight PDT™)

Ambicare’s approach is to replicate the science of light therapies, already clinically proven and practiced in central medical facilities, delivering them in a highly convenient form for use in community medicine or home settings. This is achieved through use of patented, convenient, self-adhesive LED treatment heads and a rechargeable treatment controller.

Ambicare’s patented platform technology allows the user to easily ‘wear’ the light delivery device at home, ‘hands free’, enabling the treatment to be delivered in safe and gentle measured doses. This avoids the necessity of being ‘tied’ to a static light source in a physician’s surgery. This key point of difference not only enhances user convenience, but also delivers excellent clinical end results due to the consistent closeness between light source and the target skin.

Ambicare’s technology is ripe for extension to address other skin conditions such as psoriasis and wrinkle reduction currently treated uniquely in doctors’ consulting rooms but which are eminently addressable in the home. Looking further ahead, the ability of Ambicare’s technology to control bacterial growth without resorting to the use of antibiotics is likely to offer a highly attractive field for exploration in the context of wound care, particularly given concern around management of antibiotic resistant organisms.

This round was led by Mill Venture Partners and Longbow Capital.

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Where are they now?

Ambicare has formed partnerships with Solid Semecs BV, Bo Pharma and Spirit Healthcare, and has received CE Marks for Lustre Pure Light and Ambulight PDT Multi.

February 2016

Ambicare has been awarded clearance by the US Food and Drug Administration for the over-the-counter sale of its Lustre Pure Light™ system for the treatment of acne, spots and pimples. The company now intends to accelerate discussions with potential marketing partners in the United States, the world’s biggest market for acne treatment.

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